Fine China Releases New Single “Trees at Night”

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Fine China continues their impressive comeback by releasing the new single “Trees at Night.” All of the hype says that this songs is heavily influenced by the late 80s, and in this case… you can believe the hype. So many bands try to get an 80s sound and fall short, but Fine China knows their stuff. Don’t believe me? Here is what singer / songwriter Rob Withem has to say about the track: “In my home growing up there was an odd assortment of vinyl records among which were new age type albums by artists like Andreas Vollenweider and Mannheim Steamroller, and a whole stack of Windam Hill samplers from the early 80’s. I always was drawn to the songs with nature sounds, songs that sort of had a setting in which they existed. With ‘Trees at Night’ I wanted to combine that approach with pure pop music. So a song not only is a song but it lives in a place.“

You can check it out through all of the usual online outlets.