Help Re-Issue Two Pound Planet’s “Songs From The Hydrogen Jukebox (Mitch Easter Sessions)” on Vinyl and CD

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“Two Pound Planet started life as Urban Edge with Tom Shaw (Guitar and Vocals) and Jerry Chapman (Bass and Vocals) around 1982. By 1984 Jerry Finley had joined the band (Drums and Vocals).  Finally, by 1986 18 year old keyboardist, Jason Buss joined the band, which recorded its first full-length album titled Bottom of the Stairs.

Bottom of the Stairs put the band on the club circuit for the first time. The band started to open for national acts, such as The Romantics and Guadalcanal Diary. In early 1988, Urban Edge caught the attention of producer Mitch Easter (Let’s Active, R.E.M.) who agreed to record fresh demos for the group at Mitch’s Drive-In studio in January of 1990.

Over the next four months they recorded their finest effort, Songs From the Hydrogen Jukebox.  Released in August of 1990, the album sold well to widespread critical acclaim.  It also charted on college radio, from New York to Portland, OR.  Now called Two Pound Planet, the band showcased for various labels. Alternative Records wound up re-releasing the album with extra material, and updated artwork.

A subsequent EP was released- new demos on Whispering Delicious had a new, harder edge with more guitar based songs.  In the spring of 1994, the band rerecorded “Big Bang” and two Shaw penned rockers, “Acid On,” and “Mindblower” at Easter’s new studio (Fidelitorium).

Now, for the first time fans old and new can listen to the originally released sessions with Mitch Easter, as well as five songs done with Mitch that have not been released commercially. In addition, there is going to be nearly 80 minutes of material that has not been released on CD, or at all from the band’s early days to the end.”

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