Help Fund a Docuseries on the History of Christian Rock

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Michael Bridges, whom many of you know as Mikee Bridges of Sometime Sunday / Tragedy Ann / TOMFest / etc fame, is raising money for any interesting project called “Blood Sweat and Sin: The History of Christian Rock.” Here are the basics:

In similar fashion to the documentary series Hip Hop Evolution, Sonic Highways or anything Bourdain, Blood, Sweat and Sin is a Documentary tv series about the History of Christian rock. Each episode has 3 segments where I will interview bands and artists across the timeline of Christian rock in their everyday lives and on stage. The series will also include “talking heads”, stars and historians of the culture, that will comment on each segment.

Your contribution will go directly to producing a 2 episode pilot of the series and a final edit on the Sizzle (Trailer) seen here. The funded production will include a stripped down crew for writing, locations, logistics, cameras, sound, music, PA and editing. We will shoot this locally here in Los Angeles but have been gifted travel, room and board to shoot in the NW if we can put it together financially. If we can, we will shoot in Seattle and Portland as well.

Normally a show like this would be far more financially to shoot professionally.  There would probably be a huge crowdfunding campaign with it. We are going to do it the way we used to do everything else we did. DIY. We need your help. It’s just a couple of us trying to make this happen. If you have come to one of my shows or festivals, if you’ve seen one of my bands play I ask you to help. If you connect with a Christian band in your past, please help. Those involved so far have taken pay cuts or donated their time outright to see this project happen. With your help our intention is to keep producing episodes as we can afford it and to continue to shop the project to production companies and streaming services in the hopes that it gets picked up and broadcast.

You can read more details and pitch in if you like on the project’s GoFundMe page.