Pre-Order “Throes” by Golden Streets of Paradise

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Throes takes the goth-tinged aesthetic that Golden Streets of Paradise have established with prior releases and wraps it with an anxious new urgency. Subtle hooks touch a grey washed sadness while hints of influence from The Police, Skinny Puppy and Sade help inform the bands most unrestrained work yet. Recorded and self-produced throughout the last year and a half. Avoiding excessive digital processing in favor of organic sounds, live synths, and un-eq’d drums to craft an incredible new collection of songs. Throes presents the listener with a snapshot of a universally relatable sorrow, one honed in isolation, loss and fear.

The gravity of these songs is immediately tangible on album opener and lead single Heavy Hands. A short melody of haunted minor chords, stark and alone for only a moment before the rest of the album crashes in like the angry waves of a shallow lake.

Steadfast Records is honored to share Throes by Golden Streets of Paradise. Preorder now, available on LP, CD, cassette and streaming on January 15, 2021.

Throes is available on 3 gorgeous vinyl variants, Blue w/black swirl (ltd to 150), Purple w/pink swirl (ltd to 100), and standard 150g black (ltd to 50). The albums include a printed inner sleeve and are packaged in a reusable gold stamped blue tint poly bag. Also available on limited edition eco-wallet CD and blue shell cassette.”