Velvet Blue Music releases the long lost “Tales” by Morellas Forest 1988

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We are so behind on this one that the physical copies have sold out (and are going for criminally silly prices online – reprint time?), but digital copies are still available on BandCamp: “Morella’s Forest is one of the great lost bands, and their lone album Tales – recorded in 1988 when brothers Ronnie and Jason Martin were just 18 and 16 – has been the ultimate lost album for over 30 years to the handful of people who even know it exists. The two brothers would go on to respectively form the cult bands Joy Electric and Starflyer 59. No track listing or audio has ever leaked out. Its long-overdue release in 2021 feels like nothing short of a miracle or transmission from another dimension. VBM is thrilled to have acquired the rights to this record, and to be putting it out into the world!!!”