Help The Choir Re-Issue “Free Flying Soul” on Vinyl and CD

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From The Choir: “Free Flying Soul, released in 1996, was the our last studio album to to come out on a major record label. Since then, we’ve released 9 studio albums independently and continue to write and record new songs every month via our Patreon project. While Sony Music owns the masters to FFS, they agreed to license the project so that we can release it for the first time on vinyl and remaster the CD by Lowland Masters in the UK. Sony even tracked down the original source mixes on DAT at the legendary Battery Studios in NYC (formerly The Record Plant).

We’ve read your comments and emails asking us to issue FFS on vinyl and remaster the CD. While many discovered us on our previous albums, a lot of you discovered us for the first time with FFS. Songs like “The Ocean,” “The Warbler,” “If You’re Listening” and “Sled Dog” made a connection with new fans and long time followers as well. We’re proud to be able to bring new life back to these songs on vinyl and a CD remaster. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your consideration in helping us to make this happen. With love, Derri, Dan & Steve along with Lisa.

We’ve included two non Free Flying Soul add on items. One is a limited edition 7″ 45 RPM vinyl “single” of the cover songs The Choir and the 77s did as bonus tracks for our Chase the Kangaroo Kickstarter! We covered “Nowhere Else” and the 77s did their version of “To Cover You.” The other is the 9 song Reinterpretations CD that has new re-imagined versions of our songs.”