Pre-order the “Burnt Ends & Crisp Remainders” Demo Collection by Joe Christmas

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From The Charon Collective: “Burnt Ends & Crisp Remainders is a collection (hopefully, the first) of early recordings done under the name Crayon, as well as other songs captured on tape at different times after the band took on the moniker of Joe Christmas.

Is the sound quality perfect? Not even remotely. Some recordings sound way better than other ones. Some sound like they were captured on a cassette recorder in somebody’s bedroom. That’s probably because it was! Another one might sound like it was transferred directly off a 7-inch record. Again, it was!

We did what we had to in order to get these gems into your hands. Enjoy! It was our pleasure to bring them to you. And I know that it was cathartic and therapeutic for Russell and the rest of the J.C. guys to get it out into the world.” Burnt Ends & Crisp Remainders releases July 19, 2024 and you can pre-order it on BandCamp now.

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