Good Saint Nathanael

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Had a great conversation with Nate Allen about his new project  Good Saint Nathanael. You can find our more about his new project @ With his new project Good Saint Nathanael, Nate Allen is turning to face his demons leading with a rare, disarming vulnerability. On Hide No Truth (available on Feb. 1st), the harder Nate …

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The Grape Prophet pt.1

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Matt and Mike talk about the 1992 release “The Grape Prophet” by L.S. Underground. Thanks to Michael Knott for permission to play the songs.
You can check out the album here.

The End Was Near – Brian Godawa

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Another fascinating conversation with Brian Godawa. This time about  his latest book “Resistance”, book 3 in his “Chronicles of the Apocalypse” series. Brian defends his idea that a great deal of the judgments Jesus talked about are not still in our future but were fulfilled in the destruction of the temple in A.D. 70. You …

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