About The Collective

So what is the collective? Well, it is a collective, so if you join… you will tell us. We are about music, and art, and literature, and thought, and whole range of creative endeavors. We are not a record label, or a management company, or an evil corporation. Although the money from being an evil corporation is good, we are just too busy to go down that path.

The collective has no money, no power, no control really. People that are in the collective might give away stuff for free, ask for donations, or charge a set amount. None of that is evil or good – each does what they feel their art deserves.

If you know of someone of any artistic genre or business inclination that would make a good piece of the collective, send them our way.

We are also here for promotion – the artists and businesses featured here are advertised in the pages of Down The Line and on our social media sites. But the artists and bands also promote each other. That is all that we really ask of people that join the collective – see something you like in here, tell others about it. Some people have discussed selling t-shirts and other swag to raise some money to put ads in bigger magazine and on bigger websites. Sounds great to us.

Down The Line Collective. Discover. Support. Connect.