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35 Little Ducks in a Basket

Alternative Rock

The January/February 1992 issue of The Cutting Edge stated how 35 Little Ducks in a Basket announced in December of 1991 that Stephen Hinton was leaving the band because he was now married. Steven Mathewson didn't want to carry on without him. But Steven and Jon began working on a project called ...And We Bowl Too!. Steven was also working on a project called Zuzu's Petals with a new vocalist named Zoi.


1987 This Is (Is Not) the Tape The Furnace Room
1989 Monastery The Furnace Room
1991 Live at Artatak Corpqii Productions

This Is (Is Not) the Tape

1987 Independent

Jon Mathewson - Lead vocals, bass
Steven Mathewson - Guitars, vocals
Stephen - Drums buckets and backing vocals

  1. A Frog Styrofoam Cups
  2. Jim & Tammy
  3. Centipede
  4. Bag Song
  5. Beer
  6. Bloodshot
  7. Pinnchio in Hell
  8. I'm Justa a Worm
  9. Dry Those Tears


1989 Independent

  1. The Future
  2. Dead Reaction
  3. Dancing On Tethys
  4. Blind To This Divide
  5. Immortal Youth
  6. A Glass Of Water
  7. 47th Chromosome
  8. Nancy Colours Eggs
  9. Cat Food
  10. Monastery Cow

Live at Artatak

1989 Independent

From “This live concert, cassette-only release was recorded in the second story warehouse of the original ARTATAK STUDIOS complex on August 27, 1990, when the band joined Marc Plainguet for a 2 ½-hour multi-media jam. Captured at their raw and enthusiastic best, this rarity showcases the true spirit of the original ARTATAK artist community. The cover features Yambar’s Mad Puppy logo and a band cartoon by Kris Barnette.”

  1. Bandage
  2. A Ride With Tom
  3. The Future
  4. Styrofoam Cups
  5. Nancy Colours Eggs
  6. Inanimate
  7. The Money Wheel
  8. Cat Food
  9. Phylacteries
  10. Certainly Almost Always Going Now
  11. Try To Forget Me