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The Scene

In some ways, the Christian Tape Underground was a big scene, but it was also comprised of various smaller scenes. Some of these were contained to one city or state, some multiple states, some one country, and even a few that were international. Within these various scenes were groups, ministries, venues, studios, zines, festivals, and various other groupings that cross all of these categories or none at all. Some of these were large groups that didn't do very much with publicity, others were one-person operations that made a lot of noise for almost no output. Most fell somewhere in between. But basically, this is a page for all of the miscellaneous things that made up “the scene” in various ways.

Art Studios


Groups / Ministries

Music Catalogs / Distributors




Recording Studios


2000-2020 and Beyond

During the late 90s, the scene shifted from being driven by magazines, bookstores, festivals, and church venues to being primarily driven by online. Church venues were always coming and going, but in the 90s they started going more than starting. Print magazines started closing down in the late 90s, which soon led to festivals closing shop in the 2000s and beyond.

This is a brief list of websites and other online places like listservs that kept the information flowing - keeping the scene alive.

  • 7ball message board (forum)
  • Action Attack Helicopter (forum)
  • Bandoppler (website / webzine)
  • Burnt Toast (label / distro store / website / forum)
  • Crossrhythms (website / forum / webstore)
  • Daniel Amos Message Board
  • Fine Print Mag (website / webzine)
  • Flamming Fish (website / forum / webstore)
  • Full Sweep Distro (online store)
  • Decapolis (website / forum / webstore)
  • Down the Line (website / webzine)
  • Indie Vision Music (website / forum / webstore)
  • (the original version)
  • Northern Records message board
  • Rugged Cross (online store)
  • Stranger Things Magazine (website / webzine)
  • TLeM (website / forum)
  • Velvet Blue Music (label / message board)
  • Vagrant Cafe (forum)

This list is just a start - many more online stores, music blogs, listservs, geocities webrings, etc need to be added. There were also probably some things on AOL that need to be added, as well as the whole alt.rec.Christian thing.

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