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Flat Earth Artists

Name: Flat Earth Artists
Founded: 1990s
Founder: Members of Situation Taboo and others
Country: San Antonio, TX, USA

Situation Taboo was a founding member of Flat Earth Artists, a collection of Texas Christian musicians and artists that included Shot Heard Round the Bloc, Chris Taylor & Windows, and Sixpence None the Richer. Chris Taylor & Windows included Matt Slocum, and changed their name to Love Coma. Robbie Vincent was also the bass player. One advertisement laid out the vision for the group:

“Flat Earth is not a label, Flat Earth is a grouping of unsigned south Texas artists seeking integrity in music, truth in life, and a collective voice. To our fans and supporters nationwide: thank you. Send SASE for catalogue and info on our Flat Earth newsletter, The Coffeehouse Review. Look for reps Chris Taylor and Phil Lovelady wandering around C-stone. Selah.”

Other publications had various write-ups about the group:

“Arts co-operative that supported the early careers of performing and visual artists in the San Antonio / Austin / Dallas corridor in the early 1990s.”

“Flat Earth has been formed to sidestep their frustration with labels, work together, fellowship, and more. “We're laying a good solid foundation. We want to protect ourselves from the 'Big Bad Wolves' (labels) which are a disappointment in a Christian crowd.” Chris Taylor added, “We have a vision of what it can become, but no specifics … Christian festivals … we certainly have the land for it!” They have a publication - the voice of the Flat Earth Artists - titled The Coffeehouse Review.”

“Flat Earth Artists could surprise us with a collection of the best songs by independents like Love Coma, Sixpence None the Richer, Situation Taboo, and others. Individual releases by these artists are also expected throughout next year.”



Poetry Compilations

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