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6x6 Records

Name: 6×6 Records
Founded: 1999
Founder: Michael Lewis



5322 Michael Lewis Dig for the Light 1999 CD
5323 Wooky Pseudo 1999 CD
5324 Traindodge About Tomorrow's Mileage 1999 CD
5330 Sequoyah Good Night Evening Star 1999 CD
5331 Denison Marrs Holding Hands (@ 35,000 Ft.) 1999 CD
5352 Remember August Remember August 1999 CD
5357 Puller Live @ Tom Fest 1999 CD
5358 Various Anti-Hero 1999 CD
5364 Shifter 5 Stranded in Coolsville 1999 CD


A label sampler called Taking Over With a Smile had a band listed by the name of Maji. It said they had an album coming out soon called Goodfellas. Their song on the sampler was called “Corruption.” It is unknown if the band changed names or if the album was ever released.