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9 Red Roses

Alternative Rock
Fremont, California, USA

9 Red Roses appears to band an early band revolving around Justin Stevens. Eventually former members of The Lonely Now Phil Watson, Kevin Reimer, and Masaki Liu joined the band. After this band broke up, some of the members formed a new band called Radiation Ranch that eventually changed names to Dime Store Prophets and signed to 5 Minute Walk Records.


1989 Scream
1990 9 Red Roses
1991? Hope
199? Demo


1989 Independent

Justin Stevens – Vocals, guitar
Douglas Yates – Keyboards, guitar, vocals
Scott Rohde – Bass, lead bass, vocals
Jeremy Hawley – Drums

Sean Doty - Harmonica on “Hallelujah”

Produced by Sean Doty and Nelson DiMarco

  1. Where Do the Children Play
  2. Scream
  3. No Man's Land
  4. Blood Drive
  5. I Give My All
  6. Hope
  7. Inside the Mind
  8. Fashion Compassion
  9. Arms of Strength
  10. Hallelujah

Note: Sean Doty was a member of Veil of Ashes. Nelson DiMarco was a member of The Hounds of Heaven and Batzz in the Belfry.

9 Red Roses

1990 Independent

Justin Stevens – Vocals, guitar, harmonica
Phil Watson – Guitar, vocals
Marc Allyn – Bass
Kevin Reimer – Drums

  1. The Better Part of Me
  2. Stand Like a Man
  3. 'Till the Day I Die
  4. Wayward Wind
  5. Sweet Angeline
  6. Hope


1991? Independent

Possible members:

Masaki Liu
Kevin Reimer
Justin Stevens

  1. Fear of the Inevitable
  2. Blooddrive
  3. No Man’s Land
  4. Inside the Mind
  5. Hope
  6. Beauty
  7. Hope (extended version)
  8. Beauty


199? Independent

  1. No Man's Land
  2. Blood Drive
  3. Inside the Mind
  4. Fear of the Inevitable