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Acrylic Warfare

Band: Acrylic Warfare
Origin: Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Genres: Alternative Rock
Years Active:May 1997 - 1999(?)
Members: Bill Spry (vocals, guitar); Ron Adams (drums); Matt Perin (bass); Katy Hamilton (vocals)
Bill Spry (guitar, lead vocals); Ron Adams (percussion); Chris Cooper (bass); David Leicht (keyboards)
Associated Acts: Spy Satellite

From their SoundClick page: “Acrylic Warfare was formed in 1943, originally as a five-man jug band. However, because of the war effort, hard Cider was in short supply, and the quintet soon disbanded. Sometime thereafter, William Spry and Ron “Shaft” Adams revisited the name and bid farewell the Warfare's once signature jug sound. The progressive Cincinnati rock band now includes Bill Spry (guitar, lead vocals), Ron Adams (percussion), David Leicht (keyboards) and Chris Cooper (bass).”


1997 Heaven's Grunge
1998 Unplugged
1999 The Core Rot Project Scary Man Records ‎

Heaven's Grunge

Genre: Alternative Rock
Year: 1997
Label: (one)


  1. The Core is Slowly Rotting in the August Sun
  2. Neanderthal Punk
  3. Satan
  4. Out of This Life


Genre: Alternative Rock
Year: 1998
Label: (one)


  1. Rush
  2. Satan
  3. Losing Control
  4. Honey I Can't Come Home Right Now Because I Missed the Greyhound
  5. Moribund Lycanthropist
  6. Caterpillar
  7. Paid
  8. The Core is Slowly Rotting in the August Sun
  9. End It All
  10. Out of This Life
  11. Neanderthal Pony

The Core Rot Project

Genre: Alternative Rock
Year: 1999
Label: (one)


  • Yttrium (Bill Spry): Vocals, guitar
  • Glucose (Andrea Theile): Bass, vocals
  • Anthrax490 (Ron Scott-Adams): Drums, vocals


  1. The Core is Slowly Rotting in the August Sun
  2. Moribund Lycanthropist
  3. Satan
  4. Running
  5. Neanderthal Pony
  6. The Pizza Song