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Indie Rock

Almonzo was a mysterious band that provided two tracks for different Tooth & Nail Records compilations. The first track came with this description:

“One day I came back from lunch and there it is, sitting on my desk. A little brown wooden box that appeared to be from 1800's! Inside was this tape. The group… Almonzo. Their origin unknown, the members unknown, the song “Pan Cake Batter Girl”… it will live forever. If you know who this band is, please write us and give us any info.! Thanks.”

The names of the band listed in the liner notes were obviously pseudonyms taken from Little House on the Prairie.

There was soon speculation that the singer was Brandon Ebel himself, being backed by members of any number of Tooth & Nail bands (Starflyer 59, Luxury, and bands like that were the usual guesses). Several decades later it was confirmed by Joseph Esquibel (of Bon Voyage at the time the songs were recorded) who the members on one song were:

“Basically, (“God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman” is) Bon Voyage (Julie, Jason, Travis, me) recording a single take of the song. Literally took 3 minutes to record. We sent the tracks back to Brandon back in Washington and he added the (vocals). I thought the Musician lineup was hilarious…made me want to watch Little House on the Prairie again.”

“Willie” and “Reverend Alden” still appear to be unaccounted for.


@rt©ore Volume I (1995 Tooth & Nail Records)
13) Pan Cake Batter Girl (2:38)

Mandly (Brandom Ebel) - Lead voice
Willie - Guitars
Albert (Travis Zimmerman?) - Bass
Mr. Edwards (Jason Martin?) - Drums

Happy Christmas • A BEC Holiday Collection (1998 BEC Recordings)
08) God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen (2:29)

Mandly (Brandom Ebel) - Vocals
Mr. Edwards (Jason Martin?) - Guitar, backing vocals
Reverend Alden - Hammond, backing vocals
Albert Ingalls (Travis Zimmerman?) - Bass
Doc Baker (Joseph Esquibel?) - Drums
Nelly (Julie Martin?) - Cello

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