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Amon Krist

Alternative Rock
Royal Oak, Michigan, USA

Amon Krist (who also goes by Amy Krist) is the daughter of Jan Krist. She has performed background vocals on many of Jan's albums. She was also the co-founder of Velour 100 along with Trey Many. According to Amon, the process for Velour 100 was very fast - going from forming a band to getting signed and going on national tours in a very short time due to the consistent efforts of Trey Many. Eventually, Amon decided to pursue a career in Art History, so she split with Velour 100 amicably. This led to a time where she was doing school full time, participating in internships and travelling abroad to Italy for a summer. When she finished with school, she took a job at the Detroit Institute of Art.

Musically, after Velour 100, she mostly worked as a guest vocalists on different projects, including the demo for Brian Fair's band For Velvet Tables. Her last musical project to date was her solo demo, Humble B.


2001 Humble B.

Humble B.

2001 Independent

Amon Krist - Vocals, instruments?

  1. Something Implied (4:10)
  2. Who's to Blame? (4:15)
  3. Ambivalence (3:19)
  4. Esteem (3:44)
  5. Priority (3:18)