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Animal Couch

Alternative Rock
Dallas, Texas, USA

Animal Couch is a Christian rock band from the Dallas TX area. The band consists of vocalists Aimee Helms and Denise Grace with musicians Sean Curtis, Chris Carr, Kelly Grace and Phil Helms. Their producer is Bryan Jones. One EP or album was reportedly produced by Ty Tabor of King's X fame.

Original name was August Child before changing names to Animal Couch in 1996. Sean, Phillip, Kelly, and Debise were members of August Child. Other early names appear to have been:

  • Autumn Reign (formed 1990 with Denise)
  • In His Name (Kelly)
  • Eleazer (Denise, Kelly)
  • X-Ray (Denise, Kelly, Phillip)

Aimee Helms - Lead Vocals
Denise Grace - Lead Vocals
Sean Curtis - Guitar/BG Vocals
Chris Carr - Guitar
Kelly Grace - Bass
Phil Helms - Drums/BG Vocals
Stephen - Guitar/BG Vocals (2000-2001)


1998 Spare Room Demo
???? Chocolate Covered Pears
2001 Words to Die By

Spare Room Demo

1998 Independent

From Jeff Wade's Spare Room studio comes Animal Couch's demo CD. March, April and May were spent in the Spare Room arranging, recording and mixing the demo CD which can be purchased through this web site or at concerts.

The Spare Room demo contains four tracks from Animal Couch's newest collection of songs.

Aimee Helms
Denise Grace - Lead Vocals, lyricist
Kelly Grace - Bassist, guitarist
Phil Helms - Drummer, guitarist, lyricist, composer
Sean Pflughaupt - Lead Guitarist, lyricist, pianist, composer

  1. Shiney Clock
  2. Sheep
  3. Rent
  4. Shoes

Chocolate Covered Pears

???? Independent

  1. Superhero (3:32)
  2. Could've Been (2:43)
  3. W.C.S. (4:50)
  4. Trees (4:04)
  5. Won't Die (4:26)
  6. Little Green Men (10:43)

Words to Die By

2001 Independent

  1. Empty Cocoon (3:32)
  2. Doesn't Bother Me (3:28)
  3. Complete (5:21)
  4. Meet the Queen (4:51)
  5. Heaven (5:24)
  6. January (4:36)
  7. Life Worth Living (4:18)
  8. Words (3:28)
  9. Pull Me Through (4:33)