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Anthony Ray

Progressive Rock
Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Here is the story of the album: “Senior nursing officer Anthony Ray had been writing music for a hobby when, in 1990, after getting himself converted, he got the idea to write an album based on the book of Revelation (ambitious or what?). After several months researching this most mysterious of prophetic books, Anthony approached a large studio in Leeds and began recording, hiring in session musicians and singers and running up, by Christian music standards, a mega-bill of 10,000 smackers. Anthony was skint and the album was still only half finished, but such was the vision he'd managed to impart about the project that the studio took over financing it and when completed released it on their own label Active Records.” (from the Crossrhythms review by Tony Cummings, July 1, 1992)

A second album on the same theme was originally planned for early 1992, but it is unknown if that was ever released.


1991 Revelation Active Records


1991 Active Records

Anthony Ray - Keyboards
Steve Ancliffe - Vocals
Stephen Lee - Vocals
Hazel Walker - Vocals
Loraine Emmitt - Vocals
Stephen Lee - Guitars

  1. One Like a Son of Man (1:31)
  2. Letter to Ephesus (0:54)
  3. Letter to Smyrna (1:50)
  4. Letter to Perganum (1:37)
  5. Letter to Thyatira (2:04)
  6. Letter to Sardis (2:32)
  7. Letter to Philadelphia (2:00)
  8. Letter to Laodicea (3:18)
  9. The Throne in Heaven (2:36)
  10. The Vision of the Sealed Scroll (3:07)
  11. The New Hymn of the Created and the Redeemed (1:50)
  12. The Hymn of the Whole Company of Heaven (3:47)
  13. The Voice of the Created (2:17)
  14. The First Seal (Conquest) (1:39)
  15. The Second Seal (War) (2:09)
  16. The Third Seal (Scarcity) (2:21)
  17. The Fourth Seal (Death) (1:19)
  18. The Fifth Seal (The Cry of the Martyrs in Heaven) (3:24)
  19. The Sixth Seal (The Wrath of God) (4:25)