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Barry Kingston & The Screaming Souls

Alternative Rock

“Barry Kingston is an accomplished musician whose career highlights include a Grammy nomination for “Shaking from the Trees”; regular rotation on MTV of the Kingston penned “Standing in the Fire”; working, performing and recording with Kenny Aronoff, the drummer for John Mellancamp, The Smashing Pumpkins and too many others to mention; and a Boston Music Awards nomination for the “Standing in the Fire” video. TV placements of Barry’s music include: “Can't Break Free” as the theme song for Jim Rome’s new sports show ROME on CBS Sports Network (2012); “Purple Sky” on NBC at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia; several “Shakin from the Trees” tunes on MTV’s Real World, New Orleans; and also other recurring exposure on cable TV shows and motion pictures. Barry has also performed in front of hundreds of thousands of fans through the course of years at such events as: National Youth Day, McNicoles Arena, Denver, Co (in front of 10,000); Inside Out Soul Festival, Loon Mountain, NH (approx 5,000); the Boston Commons, Youth Concert (approx 10,000); and solo performances abroad, including Europe and the Middle East.

Barry Kingston is a man on a journey to explore his love of music and its endless possibility to bring people together. At a young age, music took strong root in Barry and he proceeds to share this gift with whomever he comes into contact with. From reaching out to countless thousands across New England as the leader of The Breakdown in his early days, to his present musical incarnation with The Screaming Souls and the tens of thousands of young people who have heard Barry's music unplugged at New Spirit retreats, he consistently demonstrates a passion for music and a belief in its ability to foster the interconnectedness of all life.

As far as musical style is concerned, rock reigns supreme. As a kid, Barry became enamored with the music of bands like Zeppelin, Aerosmith, the Stones, and later U2. To this day, this in-your-face style of guitar based rock is evident in Barry’s music. Strong inspiration also comes from the rich tradition of reggae music. Influences such as Bob Marley, and Wyclef Jean (with whom Barry performed on stage) are never far from the core of this artist’s world view.

It has been said that onstage, Kingston has the charisma of Bono and the energy of Springsteen—that is not a bad way to put it. You can’t really talk about Barry’s music without talking about the extraordinary live performer he is. Just talk to anyone who has seen him live and words like “captivating”, “commanding” and “passionate” will come up. He is a truly gifted performer who has remained enthusiastic about the main reason for a live performance—to entertain and inspire his audience. This naturally flows from his belief in the power of music to heal and bring people together.

Barry’s biggest accomplishment may simply be the legacy of music he has created for all to explore. This music has literally changed people’s lives. It is where the journey begins, winds through the heart and seeks to illuminate tomorrow.”



1996 Nothing But Real Barry Kingston solo
1998 Shakin' From the Trees
2001 Split Wide Open
2006 The Message Barry Kingston solo
2008 IV

Nothing But Real

1996 Independent

“Barry Kingston cut his teeth recording and touring around the East Coast with indie roots rock stalwarts The Breakdown in the 1990’s. The band reached a pinnacle of success with the then music orientated MTV playing their video for the Barry Kingston penned “Standin’ in the Fire”, in heavy rotation. A recession reeling, belt tightening music industry then took its toll, and the Breakdown descended into myth.” (from

  1. Nothing But Real (2:59)
  2. The Ocean Above (4:18)
  3. Soul Power (4:36)
  4. Sweet Love (4:44)
  5. Trust (5:20)
  6. I Want This Love Again (2:59)
  7. I Question You (4:22)
  8. Screaming Blues (3:31)

Shakin' From the Trees

1998 Independent

“Barry Kingston formed The Screaming Souls in 1998 with the release of their debut record “Shakin from the Trees”. Kingston has rock running through his veins and it can't help but bleed through on this debut tour de force. The record cover says it all, Kingston with hands held out towards the listener, is offering you his passion……his own interpretation of rock as handed down to him by musicians he grew up loving. Echoes of INXS, U2, Pearl Jam, Jimi Hendirx are bouncing off and through these tracks. Melodies as catchy as they are relevant swing through the mix effortlessly.” (from

One reviewer expressed his opinion like this:

“….throw in the Stones and the Beatles … mix in a little U2 … flair it up with touch of the artist and roll it into one highly intense, haunting, rocking, foot stomoping, rock and roll extravaganza known as Barry Kingston & The Screaming Souls …… not only will this album get you energized and pumped, but you'll probably end up digging through your basement looking for your old dusty 6 string that you figured went out with the noise revolution the critics like to call grunge …. but alas rock and roll is alive … and it lives in Massachusetts … so break open those piggy banks …purchase this album … crank up “Shakin' From The Trees” and take the journey with the thousands of others that have walked these paths …. this is the beginning of an all new music revolution … so hang on and enjoy the ride.”

  1. Padlock Jody (4:10)
  2. I Can't Do It Alone (3:49)
  3. After Forever (4:41)
  4. Shakin' From the Trees (5:15)
  5. Purple Sky (4:37)
  6. Only for You (4:21)
  7. On This Rock (4:30)
  8. Man or An Island (3:56)
  9. Stand Up (4:04)
  10. Night of the Screaming Soul (4:14)
  11. I Know (4:41)

Split Wide Open

2001 Independent

“The inspiration for the third Screaming Souls CD, “Split Wide Open”, began with Barry Kingston's love for Bob Marley and reggae music. The other main influence was Barry's interest in Hip Hop artist Wyclef Jean. Kingston said, “I love that Wyclef approaches Hip Hop not just as a rapper, but as a guitar player. I think that sets him apart from the rest. I just really love his music and message.” When you Add Barry's natural rock instincts, versatile vocal ability and producer Danny Bernini's talent to interpret —-you've got the most commercial effort from this band to date.” (from

  1. Big Yellow Slide (3:36)
  2. Eyes of Love (4:03)
  3. Fire and Gasoline (3:41)
  4. Breathe (3:53)
  5. Wide Open (3:41)
  6. Trippin' in the Water (4:41)
  7. Why Can't I Let You Go (3:09)
  8. Waiting on a Friend (4:10)
  9. Stay Awake (4:52)
  10. Tahitian Brown Gypsy Girl (3:33)

The Message

2006 Independent

This unplugged, solo, acoustic CD celebrates Barry Kingston's deep, spiritual side

  1. Rosary Hill (5:46)
  2. Hail Mary / Gentle Woman (5:37)
  3. Jesus Let Me Find You (4:18)
  4. Maria (4:44)
  5. The Message (5:42)
  6. I Love You Lord (5:01)
  7. The Creed (3:37)
  8. To Jesus Through Mary (3:11)
  9. Lay Your Burden Down (6:18)
  10. Faith & Glory (4:15)
  11. Come & Fill This Temple (3:54)
  12. The Magnificat (5:22)


2008 Independent

“Gregg and Dwayne Allman. Ray and Dave Davies. Noel and Liam Gallagher. Caleb, Nathan, and Jared Followill. Brothers in bands can make powerful, dynamic rock music.

Barry and Chris Kingston. In December of 2008, these brothers have released what could be their crowning achievement with their latest record, Screaming Souls IV. The duo has revived a hard, classic rock sound, reminiscent of music they grew up loving. The music explodes from the intersection of Led Zeppelin’s Ten Years Gone and U2’s Bullet the Blue Sky. Where Zeppelin find groove and atmosphere, and U2 get loud, dirty, and critical, the song cycle of Screaming Souls IV begins.

The brothers cut their teeth recording and touring around the East Coast with indie roots rock stalwarts The Breakdown in the 1990’s. The band reached a pinnacle of success with the then music orientated MTV playing their video for the Barry Kingston penned Standin’ in the Fire, in heavy rotation. A recession reeling, belt tightening music industry then took its toll, and the Breakdown descended into myth. Musically, the brothers parted ways.

From the embers of the Breakdown, Barry Kingston formed The Screaming Souls in 1998. The Screaming Souls are a musical collective of a varying list of the best musicians in Western Massachusetts. Jason Arnold (the original drummer), is as flamboyant as he is a solid drummer. He is still definitely a fan favorite with his various guest appearances becoming part of Screaming Souls lore. Joe Boyle, who Barry has referred to at a recent live performance as “one of the best guitar players I have ever played with.” Here is a musician who can truly play with anyone at anytime. John O’Boyle, an extremely versatile, groove orientated bassist. He has recorded with Alexander Janko (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) and Chris Ballini (JCAT feat, Aaron Lewis), among others. John is one of those hidden jewels of a musician that can really lay it down.

Screaming Souls play rock music like it was meant to be played—with feeling and heart. Renowned producer/engineer Danny Bernini of Spirit House Records, and Barry have collaborated over three previous full length album releases under the Screaming Souls moniker: Shakin from the Trees, Split Wide Open, and Live: Pass it On. This band has a back catalog of rock, funk, and soul that stands the test of time. Through Barry’s many performances, he has developed a loyal following of fans dedicated to his music and performing talents. There are many great musicians. There are many fewer great musicians who are also gifted performers. To hear Barry Kingston and the Screaming Souls is one thing, to experience the power of a live performance—quite another.

In 2007, Chris returned to the fold with a new set of songs that became the beginning of the song cycle of Screaming Souls IV. Barry and Chris then began collaborating and a loosely conceived concept album unfolded. One that owes a debt to Led Zeppelin’s eponymous IV album, as well as the sonic underpinning of the Who’s Quadrophenia. Screaming Souls fans were abuzz with anticipation for the new project.

As Donnie Moorehouse, music writer for the Springfield Republican, recently wrote in his December 18, 2008 review “Whether it comes from the familiarity of working with kin, the return to rock roots, or a combination of the two, Screaming Souls IV represents the best material Kingston has released in years.… There are several moments where the band is shredding and Kingston’s voice is soaring that seem truly inspired, the most you could ask of any artist.”

It is classic rock with groove, purpose, and spirit played by the best of the best musicians. Backing Barry and Chris Kingston (vocals/guitar, and rhythm guitar), the current line up features Screaming Souls veterans Joe Boyle (guitar) and John O'Boyle (bass). Drummer Tommy Diehl comes into the lineup to solidify the classic rock big beat. Tommy has recorded and toured nationally with Acoustic Junction and Spookie Daly Pride.

The talent of these musicians is such that during the recording of Screaming Souls IV, some songs, such as Can’t Break Free, were completely rewritten and arranged over the course of a couple of hours in the studio. Then a live take would be done—takes that give the record an intense, live feel. In the case of No Painful Sunrise, an epic song at 8 minutes plus, you hear an inspired first take in the studio that was only loosely rehearsed beforehand. There was an entire middle lead section added in right before recording. The caliber of the musicians was such that they thrived under these circumstances. Also of note was the songwriting effort of Barry Kingston to round out the record with an upbeat rock single. He came up with Ultraviolet Girl, a song about his soon to be born daughter. As any rock fan would recognize, this is not only a great song but one with obvious commercial appeal. You can go to and play a clip of this right now—and let us know if you don’t want to hear that whole song! It’s impossible!

Screaming Souls IV is not music for the faint of heart. If you want to actually feel something while listening to music that matters—go out and buy a copy today. In the oversaturated, overhyped and under qualified music that is today—you will be glad you did!”


  1. Sorry (7:08)
  2. Ultraviolet Girl (5:12)
  3. Can't Break Free (5:46)
  4. No Painful Sunrise (8:47)
  5. She's Gone (4:04)
  6. Summer's Day (5:59)
  7. Forgotten (4:08)
  8. Train Don't See Me (4:23)
  9. After (7:34)
  10. What I've Got (4:38)