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Classic Rock / Hard Rock
Minnesota, USA

Bloodline formed in 1986 out of two existing bands. Mitch Groethe (Sun from St Cloud) joined with Nancy Ruby, Dave Ruby, Dan Wood, Clif Cline and Don Rousu (all from a band called Salt). The group was only active for two years and recorded one album, One in the Spirit. Mitch Groethe owned and operated Sun Recording Studio, which put out the album under the publishing name of Rooster Records.


1987 One in the Spirit Rooster Records

One in the Spirit

1987 Rooster Records

Mitch Groethe
Nancy Ruby
Dave Ruby
Dan Wood
Clif Cline
Don Rousu

  1. Sea of Glass
  2. God is Alive
  3. I Will Praise Him
  4. Praise You Jesus
  5. Changing Day
  6. One in the Spirit
  7. Lean on Jesus
  8. Sword of the Lord
  9. Wretched Man