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Blushing Well

Heavy Alternative
Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Blushing Well is a alternative, hard rock band, from Chambersburg, PA. With a desire to share the hope of Jesus Christ, they back it with music that makes you want to listen. Blushing Well is 6 member band, consisting of family and friends. Blushing Well strives to create the best music possible, so the listener will keep listening. Blushing Well hopes that you can find hope, from the hope they have found.

Blushing Well is a Modern Hard Art Rock band that blends grinding guitars and soaring synths with melodic vocals and thought-provoking lyrics. Musically and lyrically, the listener is taken on a journey of fragile humanness that leads to saving hope. Compared stylistically to bands such as Tool, Kings X, King Crimson, Chevelle, Skillet, Savior Machine and Pearl Jam, the band has been able to combine old with new and create a sound that is distinctly their own. The faith-based lyrics and heart-filled message add to the passion and sincerity at the band’s core.

Based in Chambersburg, PA, Blushing Well’s reach extends globally. Distributed internationally by Nightmare Records, you can find Blushing Well on many Internet stores and various other outlets. Although not yet heavily rotated, you can find Blushing Well songs on the radio in The Philippines, Yugoslavia, Norway, Germany, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, and the United States, including—but not limited to—Washington, Texas, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Georgia, North Carolina, West Virginia, and Virginia.

Having recorded one demo and two full-length CDs, including the newest This Flesh I’m In, Blushing Well has been generating a lot of positive attention. Advertising and reviews done in such magazines as Relevant, Heaven’s Metal, and Christian Music Planet have reaped positive and encouraging feedback. With the help of Indieheaven-one of the nation's largest indie band resources-and Silent Planet Promotions, Blushing Well has been able to come in contact with many new opportunities and concerts.

Over the years, the band has been able to play hundreds of shows, including some with well-known groups such as Disciple, East West, Seventh Day Slumber, Kids in the Way, and Skillet. We have had the pleasure of playing various festivals like Extreme Day Festival (Part of Steve Wingfield Ministries), Fearless Factor Festival, Code Red Festival, Joshua Generation Festival, and most recently, Vertical Festival (which featured Jeremy Camp, Pillar, Stellar Kart, and many other artists).

Apart from Blushing Well’s original sound, many other elements make this band unique. The ability to combine hope for the hopeless, strength for the weak, and healing for the broken-hearted with a passionate power-packed presentation has gained them respect from many industry people. Another key ingredient of this band is the way they relate to the listener. They write straight from the heart, so the issues they deal with are real and viable. From the standpoint of relativity, most of the band is close-knit family, which is not uncommon in society in general but is a rarity among rock music’s long bloody trail of broken families.

As a band, Blushing Well seeks to share hope in this time of need. We work to draw the listener in and lead them through a journey. This journey is that of life, struggle, and challenge, which leads straight to peace and rest in knowing something deeper than one’s self. Blushing Well’s hope is to leave you with a deeper sense of meaning and the message of a life brand new. May you find yourself caught up in the land of the Blushing Well.

Heather: Keyboards
Jared: Guitars
Jeremy: Bass Guitars
Andrew: Drums
Jeff: Guitars
Joshua: Lead Vocals and programming


1999 Perched
2001 Fragile Human
2006 This Flesh I'm In


1999 Independent

Fragile Human

2002 Independent

“This 2002 indie explicitly Christian release features many styles of hard rock ranging from progressive metal, groove metal, and grunge, tempered by melodic synth passages that highlight the male lead singer's clean vocals and subtle message.” (from Dead Parrot Records information:

Hard rock, grunge and electronica blend together to create a style being referred to as “Full Body Rock”. The album is a story of songs that flow from one to the next, creating a place of refreshing hope. Walk through life, with the hope that Blushing Well has found.

  1. Impressionable
  2. Safe
  3. Silent Burden
  4. Rescue
  5. Fragile Human
  6. Rest
  7. Simple Dreamer
  8. Die To Self
  9. Freedom I Need
  10. Hear My Voice

This Flesh I'm In

2006 Independent

  1. Breath (3:29)
  2. This Flesh I'm In (3:38)
  3. Have You Forever (3:52)
  4. Healing (4:47)
  5. I Need You (5:04)
  6. Past Is Past (3:51)
  7. For You (4:12)
  8. Courage To Love (4:57)
  9. Touch Of Life (6:33)
  10. Significance (5:23)
  11. Who I Am (4:11)