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Blue Rock
Scotts Valley, California, USA

Early Christian Rock band that Michael Roe of The 77s fame was a member of. According to roe: “Alright, enough already. In 1969, at the ripe old age of 15, I was asked to join my very first rock group called “Brotherhood” made up of guys who were all around 21 and attended Bethany Bible College in Scotts Valley, California not far from Santa Cruz. The band leader was Ron Gollner (later of Northbound). We played all over Northern California in what was probably one of the very first Christian rock bands in existence around that time. We opened for future stars like Andre Crouch and other luminaries like Danniebelle, J.C. Power Outlet etc and even upstaged Jimmy Swaggart once at a Christ's Ambassadors' youth rally in Fresno in front of 15,000 people. Anyway, we also opened for a very early version of The Archers when their father Gary was leading the group. It was an old time gospel rockabilly thing - nothing like the fairly cool group they would become later. Gary liked us and offered to help us get a single pressed up for that aforementioned rally on his own label 'Charisma Records' which carried the motto “Sacred Sounds With That Certain Something”. He helped us hawk every single copy and the kids at the rally bought them up like mad. The single was called The Now Life and I recently found a copy and will be posting it here in my “Doc's Sessions” series soon. (so far, it hasn't turned up on YouTube yet as far as I know). We were a big group with horns and suchlike, modeled after the very popular Blood, Sweat & Tears / Chicago / Blues Project-styled bands of the era. The group lasted about one year. I dropped out after maybe nine months, but it was a signpost to new space for me and after 51 years, I'm still getting shock waves off of the humble but possibly significant ground we helped break for so many others. It seems like that has been a good part of my calling in life - to not make a huge splash, but one that inspires others to try and do so. What a long deranged trip it's been??”


1969 The Now Life Charisma Records

The Now Life

1969 Charisma Records (BH-500-S)

  1. The Now Life (2:41)
  2. When Your Young (3:55)