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Camel Society Kings

Alternative Rock
Pottstown, Pennsylvania, USA

A Publicity Piece at the Time of the Second Cassette Release:

Camel Society Kings arrive onto the music scene of today with a very progressive, high energy form of new music. Heavy, concise guitar accompanied by a very moving beat provide Camel Society Kings with a unique but stimulating sound. Original and imaginative, their music captures that feel without losing touch with what is current in today's music.

Camel Society Kings provide more than just good music. Presenting a positive message of love and hope, their performance builds a relationship between artist and listener. Camel Society Kings' second, three song demo-tape recently recorded at Alive Recordings is currently drawing favorable public acclaim.

Camel Society Kings, consisting of Michael Angelino, Anthony Lancenese and Timm Marsh, have played together in high schools, clubs, parks, and dances since 1983. The future is bright and unlimited for this trio. Check out Camel Society Kings before someone else does!

Camel Society Kings is based in the Lehigh Valley of eastern Pennsylvania. Having known each other for many years, Michael, Anthony and Timm began playing together initially for self-enjoyment. As their friendship grew so did their talent as musicians and their desire to share that talent with the public.

Their enthusiasm and raw energy leaves today's concert goer both entertained and moved. Their music is straightforward and raw, yet melodic and danceable.


1986 Camel Society Kings
1987 C. S. K. Alive Recordings
19?? A Pile of Songs

Camel Society Kings

1986 Independent

Anthony Lancenese - Bass
Timmy Marsh - All guitars
Michael Angelino - Voice, drums

Recorded by C. Mike Davis and B. Scott Gallie at Ontrack Recording, Summer 1986

  1. Walking on the Water
  2. Home
  3. Say a Prayer
  4. Remembering Our Friend
  5. Home (remix)
  6. Say a Prayer (remix)


1987 Alive Recordings (AR 5042)

Michael Angelino - Vocals, percussion
Anthony Lancenese - Bass
Timm Marsh - Guitars

All songs written, arranged and produced by CSK
Recorded at Alive Recordings
Engineered by Abe Rittenhouse and Joel Reinford

  1. Love Runs Deep
  2. Soul Divine
  3. In the Shadow

A Pile of Songs

19?? Independent

Michael Angelino - Vocals, guitar
Anthony Lancenese - Bass, vocals
David - Guitars
Jeff - Drums

  1. Always (Under Your Hair)
  2. Another Stone
  3. The Stanger