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Punk Rock
Surrey, England, United Kingdom

“Surrey four piece who's performances have been described by Kerrang as “livelier than a 5-year old jacked up on E- numbers”. Interesting indeed. These self-catergorised proponents of 'Monk Rock' include names like Idlewild, the Sex Pistols, NOFX and Less Than Jake. Oh, and Harry Connick Jnr.

Having built up a strong and dedicated following in their area (just take a look at their forum board!) they've just released the 'New Wave EP'. Items in their back catalog include their two demos, 'Fool on Show' and 'Happy Go Loser'. Oh and you can buy some great looking hoodies from their web site, which is itself well worth a good look.”

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“Cephas, like Greenday in the mainstream, brought punk back to the masses. Cephas had been gigging on a local level and getting loads of recognition from various sources for constantly up-staging the headline acts. In fact Cephas' mix of punk rawk with a little shot of ska punk for fun has found them being described as 'Livelier than a 5-year old jacked up on E numbers' by Kerrang! Cephas have a knack for getting in with the right people and are right at the heart of all that¹s going on in Aldershot.”

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1999 Happy Go Loser
2001 Fool on Show
2002 New Wave

Happy Go Loser

1999 Independent

  1. Disregard (2:40)
  2. Quiet Cancer (4:31)
  3. Call Me Names (3:29)
  4. Single Dumb Brunette (4:05)

Fool on Show

2001 Independent

  1. Live Nothing (2:44)
  2. Drop the World (2:54)
  3. Taken Away (1:46)
  4. Nothing Without You (2:09)
  5. It's OK (3:32)
  6. Disregard (live) (4:20)

New Wave

2002 Independent

John Peddle - Vocals
Adam Bones - Guitar
Andy Wilson - Bass, backing vocals
Ray Driscoll - Drums

  1. New Wave
  2. Puppet Show
  3. Skanctify
  4. The Torment