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Chrome Donuts

Punk Rock
Phenix City, Alabama, USA

The Chrome Donuts are a three piece punk rock band from Phenix City Alabama. Their Debut CD titled “Young and Naive” is out now on DTS Records,

Coming from Phenix City, Alabama, where country music and southern gospel has long held a captive audience, Chrome Donuts melodic punk rock style serves as a breath of fresh air to a crowd looking for something different. With no local music stations that showcase this type of music, getting started wasn’t exactly easy. How does a melodic punk rock band get a start in Phenix City, Alabama? Ask the Chrome Donuts! It took a lot of hard work and perseverance to land a record deal. Now on the DTS Record label out of Lexington, South Carolina, Chrome Donuts releases their debut album July of '99, entitled Young and Naïve. The album was mastered by one of the country’s leading producers, Rodney Mills, who has gold records on his wall from bands like Lynard Skynard and the Atlanta Rhythm Section. With Mills’ years of experience and Chrome Donuts fresh appeal and energy, the album is anything but laid-back. It’s more like in-your face punk rock with a fast pace, heavy bass, lots of guitar and lyrics that captivate your attention.

Not all of their songs are what you might expect. Some are about girls and relationships. Some are just about life, but the one thing you can count on is they are written from a perspective that is encouraging and positive. No death metal here. In a world where kids are increasingly exposed to death and violence, Chrome Donuts offers a distinct alternative.

Chrome Donuts’ fans come in all ages, but their largest fan base is under 25. While most bands get their start in clubs where the above 21 crowd hangs, Chrome Donuts has had to struggle to get where they are without giving in to that scene. It’s not a question of prejudice; but their hearts are to provide a scene for the under 21 crowd, along with the others. It’s simply impossible to do that and only play clubs.

Band members include David Rutledge on guitar and lead vocals; Ben Collins on Bass guitar and back-up vocals; Matt Potenza on Drums. The band has been together for two years; although in March of 1998, they went through a major change in style which erupted into the melodic punk rock which they play today.

Other line-ups:

David Rutledge: Lead Vocals and Guitar
Matt Potenza: Drums
Ben Collins: Guitar and Back up Vocals
Larry: Guitar

Matt Potenza: Bass and back-up vocals
Robert: Drums
David Rutledge: Lead guitar and lead vocals
Ben Collins: rythm guitar and back-up vocals


19?? Chrome Donuts
1999 Young and Naive DTS Records

Chrome Donuts

19?? Independent

Young and Naive

1999 DTS Records

  1. Know Something (1:55)
  2. Right Choice (3:10)
  3. Gotta Change (2:39)
  4. You and Me (2:40)
  5. Out of My Head (3:00)
  6. Much to My Delight (1:35)
  7. What a Way (1:50)
  8. Can This be Love (4:11)
  9. Mama Said (1:49)
  10. Pleasure for a Season (2:59)
  11. Forever (1:16)
  12. Sometimes (2:19)
  13. Little Girl (3:44)
  14. Piece of Me (2:31)
  15. Anyway (1:08)
  16. Brenda (12:45)
  17. Hidden Track (0:04)