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Cole Moreton

London, England, United Kingdom

The December 1989 issue of The Cutting Edge compared Moreton's sound to a combination of Van Morrison, Bruce Cockburn, and Neil with a touch of Bob Dylan. He is also a writer that has published several books in addition to his music.

In May 1990, Crossrhythms announced that Moreton had formed a trio for live appearances with Graham Balding (saxophone and piano) and Sharon (no last name given, flute, piano and backing vocals). There are also two mentions of Moreton working on songs for a new album to be recorded summer 1990 with a band he called The Mighty Tongues of Flame. They also report he would be getting married in September 1990. Finally, it was reported that he was putting together what he describes as a video and live performance “experience” that would include “songs, tapes, worship images, and images from his travels in Thailand, the Philippines, and West Africa.”


1988 Cole Moreton
1992 Wire and Voice

Cole Moreton

1988 Independent

Songs include:

  • The Undying Flame
  • Lips Like Chocolate

Wire and Voice

1992 Independent

Four songs, including:

  • Where The Fire is Bright and Warm
  • My Lover Bleeds
  • The Undying Flame