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Alternative Rock
Mableton, Georgia, USA

Early version of the band that became Joe Christmas. Crayon “formed in the spring of 1992, except, back then we called ourselves 'The Subliminal Neckties.' Our first show was our high school talent show. We played a song called “You're Special To Me,” a take-off on a Mister Rogers song of the same title. We didn't win the talent show but instead discovered how much we enjoyed being on stage together. So, we kept banging away, making ever more noise, practicing every week and driving our parents to the brink. By the following spring, in junior year, we had been unleashed onto the local Atlanta music scene to the appall of many and the joy of a few. In April of 1993 we changed our name to 'Crayon' and got some louder amps and new pawn shop guitars. Then we recorded our first ep and sold it at school and shows. Things kept rolling along. The next fall we discovered a band from out west who were already using the name 'Crayon' so we had to come up with a new name. In AP English we were reading “A Light in August” by William Faulkner when Zach's girlfriend, Katie, suggested we rename the band after the novel's central character, Joe Christmas. We talked about it. Our friend Jason Dempsey had just started playing drums with us and he thought it'd be unique. We agreed. It was settled.”


1993 Demo


1993 Independent

Zachary Gresham - Vocals, guitar
Russell Holbrook - Guitar
Ryan Weaver - Bass

  1. Sonnet 61
  2. Indo-Tengo
  3. Bedroom Suite
  4. Eye
  5. You're Special to Me
  6. Yoke of Lack
  7. My Name is Not John Travolta
  8. Green Grass Grows From My Head

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