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Crimson Glow

La Grange Park, Illinois, USA

This band was formerly known as Crucifix, and they had a few songs on some compilations under that name back in the day.


1994 Rough Mix Song Demo
1996 Smile Mutant Recordings

Rough Mix Song Demo

1994 Independent

Dan Linhart - Vocals
James Magrini - Guitar, backing vocals
Mike Croschere - Bass
Jeff Bures - Drums

  1. Slipping Through
  2. I Alone
  3. Mind Rape
  4. Crimson Glow
  5. Like a Crown
  6. Down
  7. House Burn
  8. Revelation


1996 Mutant Recordings

  1. Face to Face
  2. Walking Man
  3. Led Blind
  4. Unlike You
  5. Hot Re-Mixes Great for Dancin'
  6. Slipping Through
  7. I Alone