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Heavy Metal
Kansas City, Missouri, USA

Crucifix stared off in 1983, when Doug Hupp saw an ad in a music store for a Christian band that was looking for a guitarist and bass guitarist that said “Don't Let the word “Christian” Scare You!” Scott Seymour and Anthony LoMonte had placed the ad because they were in another band together, but decided to start a Christian band once they became Christians. At first, they were not sure that Doug was the right fit for a metal band, but they spent time practicing together and eventually became a band.

Mike Perbillski joined the band as another guitarist, and since that made three guitarists in the band, Doug switched over to bass guitar. They had even played a few concerts without a bass guitarist. They recored their demo and shopped it around to many labels. Guardian Records made them an offer, but they passed on it.

By 1984, Mike had left the band and they were a power trio for the rest of their time as a band. In 1990, the band attempted a name change to Outcry and had a song (“Vessels Unto Honor”) on the Big Rage Volume 1 Compilation from Pure Metal Records. But that did not last, and the band went back to Crucifix.

The band came to an end in 1996 due to band member's life and circumstances changing.


1989 Crucifix


1989 Independent

Scott Seymour - Lead vocals, guitars
Doug Hupp - Bass
Anthony LoMonte - Drums

  1. Calvary (5:25)
  2. Watch (6:21)
  3. Sinner's Prayer (6:23)
  4. Hell's on Fire (6:03)
  5. We Will Rock (4:53)