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Kirkland, Washington, USA

This was an early band (formed in 1977) that featured Michael Bloodgood and his wife before he decided to form Bloodgood. Bloodgood re-recorded one Cypress song “You Lose” for their debut album.


1983? To You

To You

1983 Independent

Bruce Kriskovich - Vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards
Michael Bloodgood - Vocals, guitars
Marilyn Bloodgood - Vocals
Ted Wilson - Bass
Shawn Swift - Drums

Songs include:

  1. You Lose
  2. Different Eyes
  3. Razor’s Edge
  4. We’ve Turned Away
  5. Who is This Man?
  6. Evil for Evil
  7. Spiritual Man
  8. To You

Compilation Appearances

In His Majesty's Service (1984 Ministry Resource Center)
09) You are the One (3:49)
10) Next Time (3:21)