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Deer / Dear

Alternative Rock
Riverside, California, USA

From Art Core: “A bit of trivia! Back in the 80's there was this band called Morella’s Forest. This group's guitarist and vocalist was none other than Ronnie Martin, and the drummer? Jason Martin! Who was the bass player for the original Morella's Forest back in the 80's? ANSWER: Randy Lamb, the front man for Deer. Indie guitar pop that rocks.”

From Fish Faves: “Dear is an acoustic / techno-pop band from Riverside, CA. The band has been together for two years, and has labored to present a clear account of the true image and nature of God. This band is Theological Techno Rock at its best.”

Compilation Appearances

Noize Volume 1

1994 Tooth & Nail Records

18) Far Away (5:24) (as Deer)

Art Core Volume 1

1995 Tooth & Nail Records

06) Hidden Beauty (4:46) (as Deer)

Randy Lamb - Guitar, Programming
Tim - Bass Guitar

Hi! Here's Our Alternative Compilation

1995 Metro One Recordings

07) Tiptoe Through the T.U.L.I.P.S. (5:56) (as Dear)

c/o Randy Lamb

Fish Faves Volume 1

1995 Floppy Fish Records

11) Swing (4:51) (as Dear)

Randy Lamb - Guitars, Vocals, Programs
Tim Irvine - Bass Guitar
Words and music by Randy Lamb
Produced by Ronnie Martin and Randy Lamb

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