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Dim Reflection

Alternative Rock

This band later became The Farstar.

From the Crucible Artists website:

“Art-rock and alterna-grunge songs with varying influences make this a one-of-a-kind early release from this original band

Slow Drown by Dim Reflection is a classic example of the vibe which rides between “couldn't care less” anarchy art rock and that sweet, contagious, dripping pop sound. Hey, the kids love it! Strong vocal hooks, weaving guitars, a versatile mix of songs and inspiring arrangements fill this record.”


1999 Slow Drown

Slow Drown

1999 Crucible Artists

  1. What You're Still Here
  2. Able-Bodied
  3. And I Need It
  4. Ruin You
  5. Flesh Chief
  6. Patmos
  7. Bleed Me Real
  8. Let Me Be Your Man
  9. Situation's Bleak
  10. Homesick
  11. Nineteen