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Welcome to the C.U.E.

The C.U.E. (Christian Underground Encyclopedia) is the place for details about bands and artists from the hey days of alternative Christian music. Some of these became famous, some are pretty obscure. This site is a tribute to all of them.

Help Contribute

Please note that any changes to this site are limited to registered users. Want to help this site grow? You will need to have an approved account to be able to edit. Please contact the admins if you would like to get an account. In general, try to follow the Posting Guidelines. We want people to be able to surf this site based on all kinds of criteria, including record labels, genres, years, etc. So be ready to do some detailed editing if you want to sign up.

Alternative Christian Music?

That is such a loaded term. Who do we archive here? Basically anyone that had any connection with making faith-based music in 1980's or early 90's. Some of them might still be making music today. Some might have signed to a major label. Some might have never gone beyond independent status. Some may have been on a CCM label, some may have never heard of CCM (if they were lucky). Some might have never been Christian at all, but just found Jesus interesting and therefore made music that spoke to Christians in some way.

Our goal is not to critique music style or lyrical content - just to archive those that explored the intersection of faith, real life, and non-pop music. Some of them may now be Atheist black metal bands - that is fine. We still find them interesting.

This site primarily covers the wide-ranging genre of “Alternative” (although many other genres might get covered here). If you are looking for archives of other music genres, please try these sites:

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