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 Alternative Rock\\ Alternative Rock\\
 Royal Oak, Michigan, USA Royal Oak, Michigan, USA
 +Amon Krist (who also goes by Amy Krist) is the daughter of [[Jan Krist]]. She has performed background vocals on many of Jan's albums. She was also the co-founder of [[Velour 100]] along with Trey Many. According to Amon, the process for [[Velour 100]] was very fast - going from forming a band to getting signed and going on national tours in a very short time due to the consistent efforts of Trey Many. Eventually, Amon decided to pursue a career in Art History, so she split with [[Velour 100]] amicably. This led to a time where she was doing school full time, participating in internships and travelling abroad to Italy for a summer. When she finished with school, she took a job at the Detroit Institute of Art.
 +Musically, after [[Velour 100]], she mostly worked as a guest vocalists on different projects, including the demo for Brian Fair's band [[For Velvet Tables]]. Her last musical project to date was her solo demo, //Humble B.//
 ===== Discography ===== ===== Discography =====