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Hard Rock/Heavy Metal
Torrance, California, USA

There may be another demo by this band called Want Peace? Prepare for War!. Or it may be from another band. Unable to confirm.


1985 Red White and Blue Rock Records

Red White and Blue

1985 Rock Records

Mariko Martinez – Keyboards background vocals
Dave Chumchal – Lead vocals, keyboards, guitars
Bret Kik Keys – Metallophones
Ronald P. Simmons – Bass, background vocals
Robert Kirk Giverink – Lead guitar, background vocals
Doug Morris – Lead vocals, harmonica, guitar

  1. Red White and Blue
  2. When the Lord Comes Back
  3. Life With the Lord
  4. Not Tough Enough
  5. Power and Might
  6. You've Got to Know
Cassette Bonus Tracks (Live 1984)
  1. Red White and Blue (live)
  2. Battlecry (live)
  3. Not Tough Enough (live)
  4. Back to the Rock (live)