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Cauzin' Efekt / Cause and Effect

Chicago, Illinois, USA

“One of the early examples of ministry through hip hop is “Cauzin' Efekt” operating from the organisation Jesus People USA in Chicago. The crew consisted of three men at first Wicked Will (Willie Kemp), Mello Madness or MC Brother Mel (Melvin Rich) and Ron “T” Thompson. On their second album the Alpine joins Cauzin' Effekt. At stage they were often backed by the dance group Uptown Posse who were Micki Griffin, Lashonne Maki and Kimiko Wallace. The name later seems to be changed to Sista'Hood.” (from


1990 Listen to His Voice (demo)
1991 Listen to His Voice Grrr Records
1994 Famlee Affair Grrr Records / R.E.X. Music

Listen to His Voice (demo)

1990 Independent

Good production and sonics. Rap/Hip hop, similar to P.I.D.

  1. Have a Good Time
  2. Living the Adventure
  3. Send Your Holy Spirit
  4. God Hears Prayers
  5. Transformed
  6. Listen to His Voice

Listen to His Voice

1991 Grrr Records

Melyin Rich
Willie Kemp
Ron Thompson

Production by Tom Cameron and Cauzin' Efekt. The musicians are at keyboards, drum programming and sampling Chris (M.C.) Mosher and Keith Henderson (Guitar). Arranging Chris Mosher. Music by Roy Montroy and Cauzin' Efekt.

  1. Have A Good Time (4:00)
  2. Living The adventure (4:30)
  3. Send Your Holy Spirit (4:54)
  4. America (3:27)
  5. Swing Down (5:08)
  6. God Hears Prayer (5:09)
  7. Listen To His Voice (6:20)
  8. Transformed (4:54)
  9. Beat The Heat (5:57)

Famlee Affair

1994 Grrr Records / R.E.X. Music

  1. Break Out Da Frame (4:31)
  2. Troubl'd Times (5:33)
  3. Famlee Affair (4:24)
  4. I Know What I Seen (4:54)
  5. No Excuses (4:38)
  6. Got It Goin' On (4:28)
  7. Kickin' Game (4:48)
  8. Right 2 B (5:05)
  9. 920 (5:53)
  10. Funky Funknation (5:37)
  11. Just Do It! (5:37)