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Alternative Rock
New Zealand

This was the band that Phil Joel was in before joinging the Newsboys.


1993 3 Murky Vibes

3 Murky Vibes

1993 Independent

Phil Joel Urry - Guitars, Lead Vocals + Vibraslaps
Mark Bourgeois - Bass, BVs
Dean Rush - Drums “A Full Bodily Expierience” + All Other Rhythmic Noises, Including Vibraslap

  1. Bad Jelly (4:14)
  2. It Can't Go On (3:55)
  3. Do You Know Who You Are (4:29)
  4. Green Eggs & Ham (2:35)
  5. Be No. 1 (4:03)
  6. Hey Lady (4:55)
  7. Chill Out (2:35)
  8. Don't Look Now (4:26)
  9. Sometimes (5:40)
  10. Need A New Start (7:00)
  11. Gibbidy Gibb (4:59)

Produced By Mark Wirepa And Drinkwater
Engineered By Mark Wirepa and Sam Gibson
Recorded And Mixed At Bronzewing Studios, North Shore, Auckland New Zealand over an Arduous Eight Month Period

All Songs Written and Performed By Drinkwater

Additional Musicians:
Jo Stradwick, Mark Greenhalgh, Jo Hardy, Mark Wirepa

All Songs Written and Performed by Drinkwater
On this recording Phil uses fender, gibson, and takamine guitars; marshall fender and jansen amplifiers. He is endorsed by none of the above but is always open to offers!…if you feel the need to join the 'Drinkwater Appreciation Society Groovers' then write to P.O. Box 27 243, Auckland 4, New Zealand.

Cover Photography - Mike Stevens
Additional Photography - Bonnie Warner, Brendan Callaghan
Cover Concerpt - Phil Urry Bonnie Warner
Design & Artwork - Andrew White for Weird Press
Direction & Promotions - Alan Carr