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Garth Hewitt

Folk / Roots Rock
United Kingdom

Singer, songwriter and author Garth Hewitt has been writing and recording songs for 40+ years, and has released nearly 40 albums.

During his tours has visited areas of poverty, conflict, deprivation, and disaster, prioritizing friendships with local people and bringing them encouragement, but always returning to Europe and the US with personal stories bringing to life media headlines, keeping individual’s stories at the forefront when newspapers have forgotten, and challenging the privileged to share, and to join the protest against injustice.


1973 The Lion and the Lamb Myrrh Records
1974 I Never Knew Life Was in Full Technicolor… Till I Saw It on a Silver Screen Myrrh Records
1976 Love Song for the Earth Myrrh Records
1978 I'm Grateful Myrrh Records
1979 Did He Jump… Or Was He Pushed? Patch Records
1981 A Change in Me Pilgrim America
1982 Record of the Weak Tear Fund
1983 Road to Freedom Myrrh Records
1984 Mud on My Eyes Scripture Union
1985 Alien Brain Myrrh Records
1988 Scars Myrrh Records
1988 Nero's Watching Video BrierPatch Music
1991 Lonesome Troubadour Myrrh Records
1993 Walk the Talk Myrrh Records
1995 Stronger Than the Storm Myrrh Records
1996 The Greatest Gift The Bible Lands Society
1999 Gospel Singer ICC Studios

Nero's Watching Video

1988 BrierPatch Music (BPM3001)

Garth Hewitt – Vocals, acoustic guitar on “No One is an Island,” harmonica on “Freedom Fighter,” backing vocals on “Namarimbe”
Bryn Haworth – Acoustic guitar, mandolin, backing vocals, Slide guitar on “No One is an Island,” dobro on “Living Under the Mercy”
Tom Blades – Acoustic guitars, electric guitars, movement drum computer, steel drums on “Namarimbe”
Mick Parker – Piano, organ, synthesizer, vocoder, steel drums on “Zachariah the Zulu”
Luis Jardim – Bass, percussion
Paul Robinson – Drums
Jan Pulsford – Synthesizers and movement drum computer on “Nero's Watching Video,” backing vocals on “Namarimbe”
Pete Wilshire – Pedal steel guitar on “Freedom Fighter”
Linda Jardim – Backing vocals on “Namarimbe”

  1. Nero's Watching Video
  2. Freedom Fighter
  3. Water, Water
  4. Zachariah the Zulu
  5. Living Under the Mercy
  6. Namarimbe
  7. Rainbow Over Kampala
  8. So Much Better
  9. No One is an Island
  10. Road to Freedom