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Hidden Faces

Alternative Rock
Blooming Glen, Pennsylvania, USA

Alternative Rock band that started off leaning towards power pop on the first demo, but drifted more towards alternative on future recordings.


1989 First Tape
1990 New Demo

First Tape

1989 Independent

  1. Change the World
  2. No Breakdown Here
  3. Looking Forward
  4. Dancing Soldiers
  5. Skin Deep

New Demo

1990 Independent

  1. Face in the Street
  2. Open Your Heart
  3. Keep a Secret
  4. Further Hill
  5. Free to See
  6. I Believe

Compilation Appearance

ACM Journal: 2nd Anniversary Compilation (1991)
04) Glorious Day

Steve Haines - Vocals
David Smith - Guitars
Ben Zaslow - Bass
Scott Hopkins - Drums
Bill Mackie - Rhythm guitar, BGV