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James D. Harvey

Rock / Prog Rock
Pottstown, Pennsylvania, USA

“Since beginning on the saxophone and singing in the fourth grade choir at school, James has mastered many instruments including the guitar, synthesizer, and bass. Early forays in music included Christian Pop / Rock, Punk, and Heavy Metal. During this time James developed his unique vocal style which, having been honed to professional quality in the early 90's, became a focal point of the melodic hard rock group, DeFault.

James' talent and leadership navigated DeFault through an extensive performance and recording schedule which culminated in generous amounts of radio airplay, both in domestic and international markets, as well as producer and label interest. Despite their success, however, DeFault disbanded after a two years, due to creative differences.

Rather than allowing the demise of DeFault to hinder him, James rebounded with The Morning After, an 11 minute, three-song concept EP; it too was met with unanimously good reviews and radio airplay both domestically and internationally and has propelled him further forward in what is becoming a successful music career.

And now for the most recent news… With the release of The Morning After, James decided to start publishing a music fanzine, KiT 'Zine or Keeping in Touch Magazine, to help promote the talent of the 90's and beyond. With the magazine in place, after six years of publishing, James decided to kick off the millennium by starting a coffeehouse, The Agora Cafe', at Marketplace Community Church, the church he has been attending for the last two years. At around the same time, James has gone into the studio and started to work on a new album titled, Dawn of a New Day with the help of some local Christian musicians, as well as the production talents of Michael D'Amore. As of 2005, James has released Thinking Man Studios Compilation CD which features unreleased material that he recorded in his studio over the last ten years, as well as two brand new songs. Not to mention, recorded another 6 song demo with Joe Donato in 2006 / 07 that is still in the works.”



1993 The Morning After
2005 Thinking Man Studios Compilation

The Morning After

1993 Independent

James D. Harvey - Vocals, instruments, programming

  1. Native Son
  2. Satan's Children
  3. Morning After

Thinking Man Studios Compilation

2005 Independent

15 song compilation featuring songs recorded from 1993-2005

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