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Liquid Messenger

Funk Metal
Lake Forest, California, USA

“Liquid Messenger has one main purpose as a band, to spread the Name of Jesus Christ to the world. We have noticed that the Christian Industry has been corrupted by the world, just like the church has. We are sick of conforming so that we would not be “offending” anybody. We have decided that we are going to be bold with our words and our actions, just like Christ was. Not bold with anger, but bold with Love, the love that our Lord expects from us. So, we don't care what we get paid, we don't care if somebody doesn't like our band, God has a plan for us and we want His will to be done. We believe that His will is being carried out by us, because in just three months He has already blessed us with shows, equipment, merchandise, a place to practice, and a recording of our songs that we are all happy with.

Musically, it's evident that all four of us are into FUNK. Drummer Rich Lander and bass player Brian Carpenter lay down the grooves, while guitar player Dan Sessum gets funky with some blues melodies. We've developed a straight ahead funky rock sound with an occasional taste of the chili peppers. We invite you to come and check out our sound and unique style. We hope that you will enjoy this band that God has put together to carry out His will in Matthew, when He says, “Go and make fishers of men.” Please write us, E-mail us for prayer, to tell us what you think of us, for booking, or just to say hello.”


1999 Demo


1999 Independent

Van Schipper - Vocals
Dan Sessum 19 - Guitar
Brian Carpenter - Bass
Rich Lander - Drums

  1. This is Not a Test
  2. Mama
  3. What's Up with That?
  4. Home Sweet Heaven