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Painted by Moses

Alternative Rock

About David Michael Miller:

“I grew up mostly in the country south of Buffalo, NY. At a very young age I began singing in church, surrounded by gospel music, which has impacted my writing to this day. Growing up through the 70's and 80's I was exposed to many to write and perform. Blues and soul music always inspired me though I never embraced those forms until much later. In college I did a short internship in Nashville and was somewhat disillusioned by the music industry. Not long after, I got married to my high school sweet heart, started a family and got away from pursuing music for a few years.

Around 1995 I started a band called Painted by Moses, releasing a couple albums of songs I had written that sold over 2500 copies in a couple years. We had radio airplay all around the United States on college and niche stations, playing several large festivals in Western New York through Chicago.

After several more years of playing gospel music, I began writing more roots music, finally letting blues and soul influences rise to the surface. Inspired by Buffalo artists such as Tommy Z (, I started a band called Beautiful Bones with my son Joshua, my nephew Nick Peterson and the legendary keyboard player, Jim Ehinger focusing on blues and soul. We had the privilege of opening for several national acts including Joe Bonamassa and David Allen Coe.”



1995 Painted by Moses Ole Crow Records
1997 Sunflower Child Wooly Records

Painted by Moses

1995 Ole Crow Records

  1. Once
  2. Under the Tree
  3. To You
  4. Sanctuary
  5. Swallow Stones
  6. Stitch and Seam

Sunflower Child

1997 Wooly Records

All songs by Dave Miller; Squirrel Foot Music (BMI).

Dave Miller - Guitars, vox
Mike Gerardi - Bass
Chris Fraschetti - Drums, percussion

Recorded at Mammoth Studios, Dansville, N.Y., and at Audio Magic, Buffalo, N.Y.

  1. Sunflower Child
  2. Advice to the Traveler
  3. In My Hands
  4. Something Red
  5. Slide
  6. Father's Sky
  7. Waiting for the Thaw
  8. Potluck Sundays & Dirty Spoons
  9. Bleed
  10. Unforced Rhythms
  11. 'Til the Morning Comes