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Heavy Metal


1978 Conceptual Orchestra
1984 Second Coming
1990 Pariah
1990 Iron and Clay EP
1992 Perfect Confusion
1997 In Babylon

Conceptual Orchestra

1978 Independent

Joe Santora - Vocals, backing vocals, bells, bongos, cabasa, claves, cowbell, tambourine, wind chimes, shaker
Peter Zaage - Electric, acoustic, classical, and electric bass guitar; backing vocals; organ; piano; synthesizer

Gordon Gottlieb - Drums (tracks 1-6)
Gary Kocian - Drums (tracks 7-11)
Tony Aiello - Flute, saxophone
Robert Gresh - French horn
Peter Zaage - Twelve-string guitar
Buddy G. - Vibraphone
Joe Nigro - Backing vocals (“Don't Be Afraid (Of The End)”)
Valeda Zaage - Backing vocals (“Someday Mornin'” and “High Flyer”), piano (“Flyin' Free” and “High Flyer”)
Mike Quinn - Bass (“Strawberry Ridge”)
Johnny Sarracco - Bongos (“Someday Mornin'”)
Gary Kocian - Congas (“Long Lonely Winter” and “Strawberry Ridge”), Shaker (“Someday Mornin'”)
Johnny Sarracco - Wood Block(“Daddy's Jug”)

Words by Joe Santora
All songs written and arranged by Joe Santora and Peter Zaage
Except “Someday Mornin'” words by Eloise Beil and Joe Santora

Produced by Joe Santora and Peter Zaage
Engineered by Joe Santora and Peter Zaage
Design concept by Joe Santora and Peter Zaage
Design by H. Zaage
Mastered by Joe Brescio
Photography by Joe Nigro

  1. Flyin' Free (3:05)
  2. Your Love (2:30)
  3. Daddy's Jug (2:20)
  4. These Ain't The Dues (3:27)
  5. Someday Mornin' (2:25)
  6. High Flyer (2:33)
  7. Long Lonely Winter (3:36)
  8. Don't Mess With That Lady (3:28)
  9. Strawberry Ridge (3:15)
  10. Don't Be Afraid (Of The End) (3:28)
  11. When It's Over (4:27)

Second Coming

1984 Independent

  1. Dance Together
  2. Hes Theres Always
  3. The Gospel
  4. Hold On
  5. The Antichrist
  6. Its Getting Closer
  7. Take Jesus
  8. Second Coming


1990 Independent

Songs include:

  • Walkin Tall
  • The Time Will Come
  • Blindman

Iron and Clay EP

1990 Independent

Songs include:

  • Cradle of Love
  • Iron and Clay

Perfect Confusion

1992 Independent

Songs include:

  • The Jones'
  • Perfect Confusion
  • Love 0f Mine

In Babylon

1997 Independent

Songs include:

  • Junior's in the Street
  • In Babylon
  • Crazy