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Heavy Metal
Quincy, Massachusetts, USA


Breakin' Free

1988 Independent

Dave McCreary – Vocals, guitars
Tim Knepper – Keyboards
Steve Knepper – Bass
Jeff Stewart – Drums, backing vocals

  1. Shout the World
  2. Real Love
  3. To Go My Own Way
  4. Shattered Lives

Sick of the Darkness

1989 Independent

Dave McCreary – Lead vocals, guitars, and backing vocals
Jeffrey Stewart – Drums, funny face, and backing vocals
Tim Knepper – Keyboards and hair flips
Steve Knepper – Bass and thuds

  1. The Choice
  2. Passing Moments
  3. Living in a Lie
  4. Sick of the Darkness
  5. Hope for You and I
  6. Heaven Bound