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Heavy Metal
Rubidoux, California, USA

“The year? Nineteen-eighty-something or other. The band? Spectra. The music? Glam Rock. The Reason? Well anyway, what started off as a vision in the convoluted mind of one Bob Wasson turned into a realized dream in the form of four whacked out guys from Southern California. Rick Doucette was on drums, Joe Doherty on second guitar & Martin DeBourge on screaming vocals and basic bass (how hard is it to ride the “E”?). Here we are, years (and years) later and we're posting the evidence of our past on the world wide web for the entire world to see. I had these photos locked away under lock and key - even denied knowing who those girls where when my kids asked who the pretty ladies were in this picture. Perhaps I'm airing my dirty laundry to see if the ol' knickers still fit… perhaps I secretly long for dressing this way again (not hardly)… perhaps having a good laugh at ourselves is the first major step in the healing process. All kidding aside, this was a great time in our young lives. Sharing the Gospel and not having a legitimate care in the world… fearless & sometimes reckless as we travailed the dirty streets of San Pedro on the way to the Waters Club or blatantly waltzing down Hollywood Blvd looking like that on our way to The Troubadour. Spectra really did have a heart for what we did - if we opened up for the Bullet Boys or Deliverance - we gave the audience a show they would not forget (no matter how hard they tried). So where are you Matt Hammer? Bob? Rick? Joe? Marty? How about those bootlegger fans? Somebody out there has some pics and/or demo stuff for us to post on this site… hurry up, the world is waiting (like they're waiting for diet fresca). …oh, and one last note: “Spectra” was taken by another myspace user - and so was “spectraband” - so what the heck, let's just call this page “ChristianGlam” and see if we cant collect a cacophony (or plethora) of images and links for the (might still be alive) world of Christian Glam Rock that is all. THIS JUST IN: Vintage video footage, the sound and vision is horrible(who need high def Spectra anyway!) - this is our performance at Midnight Metal Madness at the old Arlington Theater in Riverside, CA - we opened up for Guardian (pre-Jaimie Rowe!):” - from the band's old MySpace page.

Martin DeBourge was also the lead singer for the first Torman Maxt album.


1987 Demo


1987 Independent

Martin DeBourge - Screaming vocals, basic bass
Bob “Bobby” Wasson - Guitars
Joe “Joey” Doherty - Second guitar
Rick “Ricky” Doucette - Drums

  1. Forever
  2. Lost N Lonely