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The Disciples

Experimental/Alternative Metal
California, USA

One review (see below) claimed this was the “closest thing Christian music ever had to Mr. Bungle, a relentlessly spazzy, hyperactive, experimental band” that also had songs that drew coparisons to Bad Brains and Faith No More as well.

Jason Sacks eventually went to work as a DJ for radio station KROQ out of LA in 1994-95. Jason's radio personality name at the time had been “Boogerman.”


No Options Here

1992 Independent

Jason Sacks – Vocals, guitars, synth, spaz Josh Caid – Lead guitars, sax, bass Andy Taranto – Guitar, bass Michael Kirkpatrick – Fretless bass Ken Hawes – Piano Mike Dietz – Drums, percussion

All songs written by Jason Sacks
All songs recorded and digitally mastered by John Cornett at Doc Studios

  1. No Surfin' in Hell
  2. I'm an Alien
  3. 29 Seconds of Weirdness
  4. Hard Tough Choice
  5. Roaches
  6. Another Reggae Song
  7. Stupid Sheep

Review from Sects, Love, and Rock & Roll: My Life on Record by Joel Heng Hartse:

“The closest thing Christian music ever had to Mr. Bungle, a relentlessly spazzy, hyperactive, experimental band from a town where I used to live in California, was the cassette No Options Here by the California band the Disciples. This is some of the weirdest, best, goofiest shit ever made under the Christian rock umbrella. No Options Here is as brilliant as it is obnoxious and jokey. It's a Christian rock record that does not take itself seriously - it ends with the track “Twenty-Seven Seconds of Weirdness” - but maintains a straight face about the importance of ultimate questions. “Roaches” starts out as spoken word/jazz but disintegrates into roaring punk. “No Surfing in Hell” is obviously on message, but it is actually a fun song about the horror of being sent to neverending torment. The best track is “Hard Tough Choice,” because it's a straight forward song with a conservative Christian message (don't date non-Christians), but it bleeds emotion and sounds like a cross between the bands Faith No More and Bad Brains. Jason Sacks matter-of-factly sings, “You can't be my girl no more,” but the music whirls, meanders, and turns in on itself, channeling confusion and uncertainty.”

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