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Tim Miser / Lasso

Alternative Folk
Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA


2003 Into Final Corners Flat Earth Records

Into Final Corners

2003 Flat Earth Records

Note: This CD was also sold at Cornerstone under the name of Lasso

  1. Pretty Lily Never Saw It Coming (3:27)
  2. Sweet Long Goodbyes (2:11)
  3. Room to Move (4:06)
  4. All Those Who Wage Against Me Tremble (2:58)
  5. Letter to a Long Departed Lover (3:17)
  6. Ground Beneath Your Fall (4:56)
  7. Hope is My Invention (5:59)
  8. Lay Your Weapon Down (2:15)
  9. In a Station Off the Road (3:48)
  10. Driving Past Denver (8:33)

“Playing for years as a solo act in clubs and coffeehouses, Tim Miser built a following fueled by fans circulating bootlegged tapes. As singer/songwriter, Miser felt the need to develop a fuller sound and began to solicit the help of musician friends in the Tulsa area. Ultimately the fuller sound Miser desired was realized in the band Lasso, which recorded and toured for two years in 2000-2001 and included members of Ester Drang and Cru Jones. Now Miser has returned to his roots and embarked upon a solo career supported by a tour of solo acoustic performances. Miser draws on a wide variety of influences to create his unique sound. Blending the directness, simplicity and unabashed melodic tendencies of early country and folk artists ranging from Hank Williams and Johnny Cash to Neil Young and James Taylor with the lyrical attention of Bruce Springstein and the more modern sounds of Son Volt, Counting Crows and Wilco, Miser constructs a vital new take on solid pop songwriting. Miser's debut record, Into Final Corners, was recorded with the help of former Lasso members and is slated for release in early 2003 on Flat Earth Records. (