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Woolton Parrish

Alternative Rock
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Formed in 1987, disbanded in 1994

“Woolton Parrish exploded onto Milwaukee's alternative music scene in the late 80s doing all original music and remained a popular club favorite in Milwaukee and Chicago until they broke up in the mid-90s. With their eclectic style of music, this power trio fit in as easily in the alternative music scene as they did in the metal clubs. Woolton Parrish won a WAMI award in 1989 for best new band of the year and were a vibrant force in the Milwaukee music scene, regularly packing in audiences and drawing praise from music critics. Groovy, melodic, powerful, dynamic, energetic, enigmatic can only begin to describe this band which drew heavy influence from the 60s & 80s.”


“May 25, 1990: Milwaukee band Woolton Parrish makes its first Chicago appearance Friday at the Avalon on a bill with Tic Tah. Blending a ringing-guitar sound with vocals that alternate between the mannered reserve of a Bryan Ferry and a more flamboyant approach, the band tends toward earnest, extra-enigmatic lyrics. Its current LP, on Agape Records, is Jericho.”


Band Members

Stacy Maloney - Vocals, guitar
Keith Whitcomb - Bass
Dan Buboltz - Drums


1989 Jericho Agape Records
1991 Woolton Parrish
1992 The Real Difference Agape Records


1989 Agape Records

Stacy Maloney - Lead vocals, color guitar, keyboards, piano
Keith Adrian - Bass, backing vocals, keyboards, piano, cello
Danny James - Drums, percussion, piano

  1. Pattern of Love
  2. Picture in Blue
  3. She Waits for Me
  4. Just Standing
  5. Veiled Memory
  6. Road to Jericho
  7. The Fisherman
  8. In a Littleway
  9. Tale of Two Passions
  10. Isolation
  11. The Only Door

Woolton Parrish

1991 Independent

Stacy Maloney - Lead vocals, color guitar
Keith Adrian - Bass guitar, keyboard, cello, backing vocals
Danny James - Drums

  1. Crucify
  2. Sweet Morning Rain
  3. Drifting
  4. Pictures of Cloud Indigo and Teal
  5. All of My Life
  6. One with You
  7. Magic of Now
  8. World Turned Around
  9. Garden of Trust
  10. Best Friend

The Real Difference

1992 Agape Records (Agape 004)

Stacy Maloney - Color guitar, vocals, keyboards
Paul August - Guitars, vocals, keyboards
Brad Townsend - Bass, vocals, keyboards
Kevin “K-Nine” Burress - Drums, vocals, hats

  1. All of My Life (5:52)
  2. World Turned Around (4:25)
  3. Crucify (3:28)
  4. Sweet Morning Rain (4:22)
  5. Moments of Joy (4:46)
  6. Scratch the Surface (4:34)
  7. The Little Prince (:26)
  8. Drifting (6:49)
  9. Winter's Longing (4:38)
  10. Peace of Mind (2:40)
  11. One With You (4:19)
  12. Spanish Inquisition (:26)
  13. Magic of Now (4:19)
  14. Dream Aloud (4:03)
  15. More Money (4:50)
  16. Garden of Trust (4:11)
  17. The Real Difference (3:15)

“Milwaukee's favorite unsigned band continues to redefine itself and draw large enthusiastically dancing, sweaty crowds to clubs and festivals in the Milwaukee / Madison / Chicagoland area by playing high energy, eclectic rock & roll. Songs range from Pop/Rock Anthems to acoustic/Cello/violin numbers. A new drummer and Bassist and the addition of a fourth member on guitar has added a harder edge to the music while retaining the positive and melodic nature that WP has become known for. Radio airplay throughout the midwest (and elsewhere, such as L.A. and Radio Riga, Latvia (no shit)) steady CD sales, and a WAMI (Wisc. Area Music Industry) award as The Peoples Choice Band make this a band to watch. New recordings and Expanded Touring (if the van keeps running) in '94.” (from

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