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Double Edge

Heavy Metal
Toronto, Ontario, Canada


1976 Leather Lust / Empty Hearts
1991 Stand and Hold Your Ground
1992 A Double Shot of Double Edge
1992 Shelter from the Storm

Leather Lust / Empty Hearts

1976 Independent

Timothy John Huff
Derek J. Rumball
Steve Kennedy
Al Weedon

  1. Leather Lust
  2. Empty Hearts

Stand and Hold Your Ground

1991 Independent

Timothy John Huff - Lead vocals, keyboards
Derek J. Rumball - Guitar, backing vocals
Steve Kennedy - Bass, backing vocals
Bevan Fichtner - keyboards, backing vocals
Al Weedon - Drums, backing vocals

Bruce Thomson - Additional vocals
Tim McCurry - Harmonica

  1. Stand and Hold Your Ground
  2. Bloodstain
  3. Take No Prisoners
  4. The Devil Stomp
  5. Hard Change
  6. Pride and Seek
  7. No Excuse
  8. Devil's Wall
  9. All the Best

A Double Shot of Double Edge

1992 Independent

Timothy John Huff - Vocals
Derek Rumball - Guitar
Steve Kennedy - Bass
Al Weedon - Drums

  1. Are You in Danger?
  2. Strike Back

Shelter from the Storm

1992 Independent

  1. Shelter from the Storm